Bylaws and Annual Reports

Bylaws and Policies

ACGC is governed by its by-laws and policies. These documents are provided in PDF format below.

ACGC is a member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, and adheres to its Code of Ethics, which ACGC has adopted as its own.

Annual Reports

ACGC is committed to transparency and accountability, and as such, is pleased to provide the public with an annual report, with audited financial statements. Download the reports below:

Fair Trade Workplace

ACGC is proud to be a Fair Trade Workplace certified by the Canadian Fair Trade Network. The fair trade movement exists because terms of trade are often unfair. This puts producers all over the world in disadvantaged positions. Fair trade supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, addresses climate change through improved agricultural techniques and encourages business practices that reduce poverty for producers in the global south.

To find out more about about fair trade and fair trade workplace certification visit the Canadian Fair Trade Network.