Change Your World Youth Leadership Program

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Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding – Albert Einstein

Mennonite Central CommitteeAre you a peacebuilder, community mobilizer, and global citizen?  Are you driven to think critically about the world, and to learn, share, and act for global change?  Are you ready to change your world by first challenging and changing yourself? 

If so, join ACGC and the Mennonite Central Committee Alberta  (MCC) for the 2017 Change Your World Alberta Youth Leadership Program in Alberta and Uganda!   

The Change Your World Youth Leadership Program is a FREE, 10-month intensive learning opportunity for 5 Alberta youth in Grades 10-11* interested in critically thinking and learning about community development in Alberta and Uganda, sharing their learning with others, and taking action! The 2017 program will particularly focus on the importance of building and maintaining peace in communities.

*Or ages 16-18, with a minimum of one year of secondary school remaining

The program has three stages:

In the LEARN stage, youth will participate in two months of intensive study before spending two weeks visiting projects supported by MCC and other Alberta-based organizations in Uganda.  Youth will be listeners and learners while in Uganda, interacting with community partners, hearing their stories, and documenting their experience through photos and film.


Upon return, youth will begin to SHARE their experiences, through running their own engagement campaign.  ACGC will assist youth in sharing their stories in a variety of ways, through public presentations, social media, photos, blogs and film.


Finally, in order to truly make an impact and apply their knowledge, youth will ACT by carrying out a peacebuilding project in their school or community on an issue inspired by their experience, documenting their experiences along the way!



Am I eligible?

Youth have to be current residents of Alberta, and Canadian citizens, currently in Grade 10 or 11, or between the ages of 16-18 with a minimum of one year of secondary school remaining, at the time of nomination to the program.

What are the dates of the program?

Learn: The study program runs May and June 2017, with the visit to Uganda in July 2017.  (Exact dates to be determined).  A 2 day pre-departure orientation and a 2-day debrief will take place immediately before and after the international trip.

Share:  Youth engagement campaigns will run between September 2017 – February 2018.  Participants will also participate in ACGC’s Annual Conference in Calgary September 15-17th!

Act:  Youth action projects will take place between September 2017-February 2018.

Youth MUST make themselves available for all aspects of the program or unfortunately, they will not be eligible to participate.


What does the program cost?

The majority of the program cost is covered by a grant from Global Affairs Canada through the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation.

What is covered:

  • International airfare to Uganda
  • Visa for entry into Uganda
  • Medical and Travel insurance
  • Transportation, accommodation, and food expenses in Uganda
  • Food and lodging in for pre-orientation and debrief (Either Edmonton or Calgary, depending on location of selected participants)
  • Partial travel stipend* to and from Calgary for ACGC’s Annual Conference in September 2017
  • Food and lodging in Calgary for ACGC’s Annual Conference

What is NOT covered:  (In the past, participants have spent between $400-600 on the following)

  • Transportation in Alberta to pre-orientation and following the debrief*
  • Passport* and cost of sending passport by courier to ACGC for Uganda visa
  • Required Immunization and necessary medication *
  • Costs associated with internet and phone access to participate in the learning program
  • Personal belongings, clothing, luggage, cameras, etc
  • Gifts for Ugandan partners

*Where required, ACGC will work with the selected youth to ensure costs associated with passports, immunizations, and travel in Alberta are not a barrier to their participation.


How do I apply?

Youth must be nominated by a community member, teacher, youth worker, or other non-related adult. Parental consent is required upon nomination.  Youth are selected by a committee made up of representatives of ACGC, MCC Alberta, Keiskamma Canada Foundation (the previous program host organization), and previous youth participants.  Shortlisted candidates will be required to undergo a telephone interview.



Nominations must be received by Friday, March 24th


Who is the ideal candidate?

We recognize that there are many international learning opportunities available to youth; however, there are very few opportunities available with such a minimal cost, and no fundraising, for participants. ACGC therefore encourages community members to nominate youth who would stand to benefit the most from this opportunity, nominating individuals who are mature and ready for this experience, but are just awaiting the chance.

We make the selection of individuals who together will make up a diverse and passionate team, ready to work hard and share their experience together and with others.


What will I do in Uganda?

ACGC emphasizes that youth are listeners and learners while in Uganda, while building friendships with other youth and local partners.  This year’s tour will be led by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).  MCC is a global organization working in relief, development, and peace. MCC began in 1920 and now works in over 50 countries through local partnerships, including Uganda where they have been operating since the overthrow of Idi Amin in 1979. MCC’s recent effort in the country have focused on supporting partners in the areas of peacebuilding, reconciliation and development, seeing peace as the foundation for sustainable development. MCC Uganda currently supports 17 partners in projects across four different sectors including Health, Education, Peace and Food Security.  Youth will have the opportunity to visit a variety of these projects and hear first hand the successes and challenges the communities encounter.


I need more information.  Who do I contact?

You can contact Leah at 780-988-0200, or email

To learn more about the Mennonite Central Committee and their work in Alberta, visit or, watch this fun video!


Past Change Your World Tours

To date, ACGC has successfully completed 4 Change Your World Tours, each in collaboration with an ACGC member who acted as the host for the tour.

  • 2010:  Ethiopia with Canadian Humanitarian
  • 2012:  Peru with Sombrilla International Development Society
  • 2013:  Nicaragua with Change for Children Association
  • 2015:  South Africa with Keiskamma Canada Foundation

Learn about the previous Change Your World Tours.