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As a coalition, ACGC primary mandate is to be a platform for members to network, learn, and advocate on issues of concern to member organizations.  ACGC welcomes a variety of member organizations, including international development organizations, faith-based organizations, service clubs, educational institutions, public school boards, charitable foundations, and not-for-profits dedicated to the mission and mandate of ACGC, and committed to ACGC’s Code of Ethics.  Individual members of ACGC are also welcomed, with the main limitation being individual members cannot vote or hold positions on ACGC’s Board of Directors.

ACGC currently has over 70 organizational and individual members committed to working together through ACGC on matters related to international development and global citizenship in Alberta, Canada, and across the Globe. 

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Read the Benefits of Organizational Membership and Benefits of Individual Membership!

All ACGC member organizations agree to abide by an established Code of Ethics.  Read the Code of Ethics, Bylaws and Policies.

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Membership Renewal for Existing Organizations

For existing members, spring is the time to renew your ACGC membership. You can now either pay online or via cheque. You also have the option of paying for one year of amazing ACGC membership programming, or you can pay for three years and receive a 15% discount on membership fees.

First, complete your membership renewal by filling out the online renewal form.

This will ensure that we have the most accurate and up to date information on your organization, including with whom we should be communicating, and any changes to your organization’s mandate or structure.

Second, make your payment by mailing us a cheque or by paying through Paypal below:

Under $100,000 Annual Budget

Between $100,001 – $500,000 Annual Budget

Over $500,001 Annual Budget