Training and Capacity Building

Public Engagement Catalyst Forum: Winnipeg, October 11-13

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Join fellow persons interested or actively engaged in public or community engagement from across the country this autumn at the Inter-Council Network (ICN) Public Engagement Catalyst Forum, a bilingual national forum, taking place at the Centre culturel franco manitobain in Winnipeg, Manitoba from October 11 – 13th.

As a participant, what can I expect from the forum?

  • Be inspired by innovative and accessible ways to engage communities in social change by those who use art, sport and other creative approaches to public outreach
  • Situate public engagement in the current national context: Canada’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy
  • Learn how to integrate and formalize public engagement into your organization’s core activities and strategic direction at local, regional and national levels
  • Increase your skills and knowledge to effectively measure the quality and impact of your outreach and communications efforts
  • Celebrate your successes and share your challenges, gain insight and discuss solutions with experts in the field of public engagement
  • Establish potential partnerships and synergies across the country with other passionate public engagement practitioners
  • Explore new and innovative practices of public engagement through participatory workshops and seminars


Registration Information

$100 Regular Admission

$75 Early-Bird Admission (Register by October 1st)

This includes admission to “Artists as Catalysts of Social Change” – a public event on the evening of Wednesday October 11th, featuring three artists who will be performing and speaking about how they use art to engage different communities on social issues. Artists are:

This does not include admission to the Exclusive Tour of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights – an optional event on the evening of Thursday October 12th .

For more information, visit the registration page!

Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good


Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good is designed as an introductory course for practitioners who would like to explore the key concepts of public engagement, boost their ability to connect with stakeholders in their communities and learn how to build effective partnerships. The course will provide practical tools for animating the community and connecting with your target audience, with a special focus on reaching students and youth.

This course on public engagement has much to offer as an overview for folks who are new to the sector and those looking to reconnect with the concepts that underpin their work, as well as students passionate about social change and teachers trying to inspire their students to become global citizens. Everything is designed in layers, so there is plenty to delve into if you want to learn more!

Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good is a flexible, go at your own pace, online program that takes roughly 20 hours to complete. A certificate is offered upon course completion.

Brought to you by the ICN – the creators of the Global Hive

Fourth cohort starts in June 2017

Learning objectives include:

  • Creating and putting your organization’s Theory of Change into practice;
  • Exploring best practices for youth engagement (19-30);
  • Creating learning environments that, by design, foster engagement and build global citizenship in schools, places of employment and across communities;
  • Using tools to assess how potential partners and partnerships may align with your organization’s goals and needs;
  • And more!

For more information, contact the ICN coordinator at

CRA Regulations and the Political Activities of Charities

In November 2016, the Inter-Council Network conducted a webinar in response to a CRA consultation on the political activities of Canadian charities, featuring input from John Cameron, Dalhousie University, and Mark Blumber, Blumber Segal LLP.  

Download a copy of the slides.

Inter-Council Network Webinars

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Solar Technology Workshops

Light Up the World offers training courses and educational workshops in Alberta and Peru on solar technology. Contact us at for information about upcoming workshop dates or if you would like our team to facilitate training or educational workshops for your organization, company, community or school.

Global Citizenship Education: Professional Development

If you are looking for professional development opportunities on global citizenship education, please visit Teacher Resources. 

The Power to Decide:  The Role of Women in Creating a Sustainable Future

ACGC was pleased to have Dr. Alaa Murabit give our keynote address at ACGC’s Annual Conference in Edmonton in September 2016.  Hailing from Saskatchewan, Dr. Murabit is a medical doctor, a UN High-Level Commissioner on Health, Employment & Economic Growth, and one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals Advocates. 

Listen to a podcast of her presentation. 

Travelling Abroad with Youth: Sample Program Activities 

Will you be travelling abroad to a developing country as part of an international service-learning trip or volunteer program?  ACGC has compiled a document of sample activities to do with your group both before going abroad and upon your return. Activities contained in this document are samples of activities used by ACGC as part of our Change Your World Leadership tour since 2010. 

Resilience Checklist and Plan of Action:  Coping with going abroad, being away from family, friends, and familiar environment can be very difficult.  Developing resilience, or the ‘capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness’, can help you cope with hard times you will encounter.  This document lists some factors that help ensure resilience, and help ‘protect’ you when you experience difficulties while abroad.

Redland, Blueland, Orangeland:  This icebreaker is a fun activity simulating what may happen when people from different cultural backgrounds meet for the first time!

Market Exchange:  In this simulated activity, groups work together to barter and trade resources in order to sell crowns at a market, while struggling to understanding language and cultural norms.

Understanding and Addressing Culture Shock:  This handout briefly outlines culture shock and reverse culture shock, while outlining the ‘HEART’ method of helping someone cope.

Want more activities and examples?  Download more examples! 

The Power of Storytelling:  Workshop 

In spring 2014, guest speaker Zane Hamm shared tools, resources and processes to help organizations achieve social change by crafting a strong public narrative. Participants left with a greater understanding of how stories empower organizations to increase fundraising, stakeholder engagement and volunteer retention.

Download the slideshow of the presentation. 

Download the slideshow of the presentation as well as the Resource booklet.