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NextGen is a searchable database of researchers from Canadian universities, colleges, research institutes, think-tanks and civil society organizations – all working on issues related to international development and humanitarian assistance. Find researchers or practitioner-researchers to collaborate with!

Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good


Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good is designed as an introductory course for practitioners who would like to explore the key concepts of public engagement, boost their ability to connect with stakeholders in their communities and learn how to build effective partnerships. The course will provide practical tools for animating the community and connecting with your target audience, with a special focus on reaching students and youth.

This course on public engagement has much to offer as an overview for folks who are new to the sector and those looking to reconnect with the concepts that underpin their work, as well as students passionate about social change and teachers trying to inspire their students to become global citizens. Everything is designed in layers, so there is plenty to delve into if you want to learn more!

Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good is a flexible, go at your own pace, online program that takes roughly 20 hours to complete. A certificate is offered upon course completion.

Brought to you by the ICN – the creators of the Global HivLearning objectives include:

  • Creating and putting your organization’s Theory of Change into practice;
  • Exploring best practices for youth engagement (19-30);
  • Creating learning environments that, by design, foster engagement and build global citizenship in schools, places of employment and across communities;
  • Using tools to assess how potential partners and partnerships may align with your organization’s goals and needs;
  • And more!

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Solar Technology Workshops

Light Up the World offers training courses and educational workshops in Alberta and Peru on solar technology. Contact LUTW at for information about upcoming workshop dates or if you would like our team to facilitate training or educational workshops for your organization, company, community or school.

Global Citizenship Education: Professional Development

If you are looking for professional development opportunities on global citizenship education, please visit Teacher Resources.