Patrick Jones

Age: 23
Hometown: Cochrane, Alberta
Lives In: Calgary, Alberta
The Calgary Branch of the United Nations Association in Canada, Calgary, Alberta*
*ACGC Member

I encourage everyone to start or contribute to a Sustainable Development Goals network or alliance on their campus or in their community to bring people together under the banner of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In my life, I have had the privilege of traveling abroad and living all over Canada. Throughout this journey, I met a diverse array of people who have helped guide my energy and fuel my passion to help others and embrace change. My journey over the last five years has developed a powerful desire to become a global citizen invested in bettering the world wherever I can. As the first person in my family to attend university, I take full advantage of my time at the University Calgary through involvement both on campus and in the larger community.

Which SDG are you most passionate about and why?

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals because without collaboration change-making is slow and disjointed. While there are hundreds of campus clubs working towards similar goals, they often do not collaborate with each other and are often unaware of each other’s existence. I have sought out to create a better sense of community at the University of Calgary by bringing together a wide range of student organizations to form the Sustainable Development Goals Alliance. This alliance aims to serve as an intersection between students, faculty, NGOs, industry and government and is a concept that is replicable on campuses across Alberta and Canada.

What lesson can you share about building meaningful partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals?

The biggest lesson that I have learned is that the degree of separation between individuals is often much smaller than what we tend to believe. As I have learned over many conversations, we are closer to a common community than we often imagine, however, without building partnerships and incorporating people together towards common goals such as the SDGs, we will continue to fall short of our full, united potential.



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