Assia Rami

The Sustainable Development Goals Hub

Youth Participants

Assia Rami is a fourth-year student at MacEwan University double majoring in political science and sociology. Due to the everlasting international crises, she has always been attentive to current issues and motivated towards bringing awareness to the different situations people face. Although she has participated in fundraisers, volunteering, and other such opportunities, her goal now is to be able to further act on this acquired knowledge and create a longer-lasting impact so as to help others today, as well as future generations. Assia believes that to improve problems such as poverty, injustice, and unequal access to education (SDG’s 1, 4, and 16), there has to be an understanding that while we attempt to solve these issues in the short term, we also need to be looking at the intersecting structures upholding these failing systems.