Dolly Cepeda Montufar

The Sustainable Development Goals Hub

Youth Participant

Dolly Cepeda Montufar (she/her) grew up in Edmonton, moving to Canada in 2005 from Bogotá, Colombia. She lived in the National Capital Region while attending the University of Ottawa, moving back to Edmonton in the wake of the pandemic in March 2020. She currently works in the federal government and dedicates her free time to volunteering for local, national and international organizations that are cultivating the seeds for a more sustainable world. The two SDGs that speak most to her are SDG #7, #13 and #12: clean, affordable energy, climate action and responsible production and consumption. Being in Alberta, she believes that there is an immediate need for her home province’s just transition into the renewable energy sector in order to remain prosperous and sustainable in the coming decades. In her free time, Dolly loves reading about obscure topics, watching post-apocalyptic TV shows and going on picnics with friends.

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