Hassan Saeed

The Sustainable Development Goals Hub

Youth Participant

Hassan Saeed (he/him) is a Pakistani-Canadian student at the University of Calgary pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies with a minor in Architectural Studies. His passion for environmental design, community development, and humanitarianism is demonstrated through his current roles as a VP of Design for the Urban Calgary Students’ Association, and peer helper at the Leadership and Engagement Office on campus.

Hassan aims to complete a Master of Architecture, and apply his skills and knowledge towards creating healthy and sustainable communities globally in less developed regions. He is currently involved in a project that aims to build environmentally friendly housing units for Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. Working on the project has helped him develop important design skills, and a greater sense of responsibility to solve important world issues people face.

Outside of his studies, Hassan enjoys drawing sketches of buildings, playing soccer with friends, and mountain climbing.

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