Lele Xiao

The Sustainable Development Goals Hub

Youth Participant

Lele Xiao (she/her) was born in Xiamen, China, and grew up in Edmonton. She is currently a Bilingual Nursing student at the University of Alberta. Driven by a passion for education, science, and sustainability, she engages with the world around her through academic tutoring, instruction at the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program, in addition to volunteerism at TeamUP Science, UAlberta Ambassadors, Outrun the Stigma, Sustainability Council and Sustain Students’ Union. Ultimately, the power to inspire others to take action and the potential for creativity and collaboration is what encourages Lele to face and resolve global issues. Moving forward, she is eager to initiate an SDG Student Alliance at her university, and to partner with Canadian clinics to combat health disparities as one of her projects. Aside from community action, Lele enjoys meditation, traveling and spending time with her family.

What's happening at the Hub?

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