Ren An Lim

The Sustainable Development Goals Hub

Youth Participant

Ren An Lim (he/him) is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta (U of A) with a degree in business. He spent his childhood in Brunei but is now based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Being involved in various past volunteer roles supporting the international community at the U of A has given him a wider perspective on the inequality issues prevalent in countries around the world, and he is keen to use his experiences towards supporting vulnerable populations here and abroad.

Ren is currently involved in ongoing youth grant-funded projects advocating for sustainable consumption and production and improving gender equality. In the near future, he is looking to do more towards supporting local organizations addressing SDGs #1: No Poverty, #2: Zero Hunger and #10: Reduced Inequalities. With the SDG Hub, Ren is looking to develop an exciting project together with his peers, while learning more about effective advocacy and community engagement.

What's happening at the Hub?

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