Robert Margaryan

The Sustainable Development Goals Hub

Youth Participant

Robert Margaryan (he/him) is an Edmonton student at the University of Alberta (U of A) beginning the fourth year of his bachelor’s degree in science. His degree has involved many different subjects including immunology and physiology. Outside of his degree, Robert has been involved in the U of A Sustainability Council, where he has been responsible for the organization and execution of sustainability- related events. As such, Robert is most interested in marrying sustainability and medicine. He is currently writing a research paper to be presented as part of his Certificate in Sustainability on “Microbial Resistance And The Sustainability Of Antimicrobial Drugs”. He hopes to be able to carry on the work he is currently doing further, or discover other avenues of sustainability he is interested in pursuing through the SDG Hub. Robert is also a soccer fan and chess player.

What's happening at the Hub?

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