Past Hub Cohorts

Past Youth Cohorts

The Youth Hub has operated since June 2019, engaging a total of 39 youth. Each youth has committed time to learning and taking action to achieve the SDGs in their communities. 

Steven Lin
Stephanie Mbithe
Dehong Sheng
Zainab Azhar
Tala Abu Hayyaneh
Michelle Kim
Kendra Connolly
Cindy Caturao
Yostina Geleta
Mina Mahmood
Katie Craven
Harnoor Kochar
Athiang Makuoi
Yiwei Chen
Andy Lee
Xinxin Zhang
Jola Besana
Fafali Mawufor
Jessica Vu
Elise Pundyk
Andre Buiza
Wangui Gachugu

Past Hub Mentors

Each Hub Participant has been paired with actors in development; those with lived and working experience in achieving the SDGs in Alberta and abroad. We are very grateful to each mentor for their time and effort, investing in hub participants.