Andy Lee

The Sustainable Development Goals Hub

Youth Participants

Andy Lee is a first-year Honours in Physiology student at the University of Alberta. He is a youth advocate who helped to found Student Senate and spoke at TEDx Talks about teenage involvement. After being selected as one of five youths across Alberta to participate in Change Your World Tour Uganda, funded by Global Affairs Canada, he was inspired to create a non-profitable organization — Connect Alberta Foundation.

Connect Alberta Foundation focuses on Sustainable Development Goal 17 — Partnership For the Goals. This organization aims to connect youth with limited opportunities to explore their passions through volunteering and grow to become community leaders. It achieves that goal by creating a centralized platform that young people can explore what organizations align with their passions. From then, Connect Alberta Foundation tries to help them see how they can help their organizations and teach them other important skills, such as how to write a successful application.

Project Updates

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