The SDG Hub

Alberta’s SDG Youth Hub

Youth Creating Strong Community and Growing through Service

The Hub helps young people in Alberta fulfill the mandate of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Hub is a space for young Albertan residents to meet and engage in a meaningful dialogue, collaborate, and take action in their communities on issues they are passionate about. The youth also have a chance to develop personal and employment-related skills, learn from mentors, and increase their awareness of the benefit of serving their communities.

What is The Hub’s mission and program?

Over the course of the year, from June 2019 to March 2020, ACGC and our valued mentors will support the participants in bringing their ideas to life. We will also be holding regular sessions for these young people to deeply engage with the SDGs, connect with one another, network with our partners and support them in getting access to different personal and professional development opportunities.

Who is participating in The Hub?

Participants come from different parts of Alberta from as far as Lethbridge and Peace River. All have different life trajectories and are from a wide array of education background: engineering, public policy, nursing, and law just to mention a few. At our launch in 2019, it was so great to see these diverse personalities coming together during late-night bonfires, around dinner tables, and through group activies to discuss their role in building an Alberta that leaves no one behind.

Meet the Youth

Steven Lin
Stephanie Mbithe
Dehong Sheng
Zainab Azhar
Tala Abu Hayyaneh
Michelle Kim
Kendra Connolly
Cindy Caturao
Yostina Geleta
Mina Mahmood
Katie Craven
Harnoor Kochar
Athiang Makuoi
Yiwei Chen
Andy Lee
Xinxin Zhang
Jola Besana
Fafali Mawufor
Jessica Vu
Elise Pundyk
Andre Buiza
Wangui Gachugu

Meet the Mentors

Project Updates

On May 17th, ACGC officially kicked off our Alberta SDG HUb, a Canada Service Corps project, whose aim is to engage young Albertans in issues that affect our communities through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals. To kick it off in style, we spent the long weekend together in the beautiful landscape of Jasper mountains, connecting, sharing our goals and passions, building community and laying the groundwork for what’s to come.

In November, we welcomed 6 more young people to join this initiative.

In total, 28 youth and 12 mentors from across Alberta have joined ‘The Hub’, and have worked together to create projects addressing the SDGs in Alberta. Initiatives range from projects addressing responsible consumption, to one’s aiming at protecting migrant communities.