Together Alberta

“It’s been fantastic to see just how much Albertans are working towards a more sustainable future.”

Heather McPherson,
  Executive Director of the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation

Together Alberta is a series of roundtables being hosted across the province, which aim to understand the work being led by Albertans on sustainability and how they are advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through cross sector conversations we will capture the impact and stories of Albertans working towards a more sustainable future. The outcomes of these conversations will be shared online to promote collaboration and innovation to advance the SDGs.

Attend the Launch of the Together Alberta Online Map

ACGC Staff has been inspired over the past months as we have visited communities across the province to host a series of cross-sector roundtables. We have been learning about the work Albertan organizations are doing to advance progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. We captured some of the impact and stories we have heard and are excited to launch our new Together Alberta online map on September 12th 2019 at ACGC’s Annual General Meeting. If you participated in a Community Roundtable, you can look forward to seeing your organization featured on this map! Our new platform will promote collaboration and innovation as we continue to work together to achieve our sustainable future!

Attend the Public Map Launch

Why participate in the Together Alberta project?

These meetings are a great chance to build your community’s understanding of the diversity of work being led, as well as the gaps which must be filled to fully achieve the SDGs. The Global Goals mark a key set of achievements we must strive for in order to create a better world, and building our communal understanding of what is needed to get there will be crucial for our success.

Want to get involved?

You can participate in Together Alberta in 2 ways!

  1. Attend any of the upcoming Roundtables in a town near you.
  2. Complete this online survey (it should only take 10 minutes) to have your organization included in the online map.

Upcoming Roundtables

At this time there are no upcoming roundtables.


The results of the Province-wide roundtables will be mapped online, allowing the public to see the work local organizations are already doing to achieve the SDGs at home and abroad.  Mapping also allows groups to see that they are not alone, and are in fact part of a movement that numbers in the thousands, and provides a tool for groups to connect and collaborate with each other around shared goals and to amplify their impact.

Together Alberta in Profile

From human rights to human health, watershed protection to poverty reduction, Albertans are making a difference at home and around the world.

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