Top 30 Under 30

Youth Making a Difference in Alberta and the World

The Top 30 Under 30 magazine is an annual publication by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation featuring 30 outstanding young people, nominated by their community and selected by a committee of peers, for their commendable work in making the world a more just, fair, and sustainable place for all.

An Opportunity to Honour Deserving Young Adults

Every year, our selection committee chooses 30 oustanding individuals under the age of 30 from a collection of nominations across Alberta and the world. These few selected are featured in the annual Top 30 Under 30 campaign, which offers readers the opportunity to learn about the contributions young people are making in their communities.

Among many other benefits, selected youth will receive a featured profile in the annual Top 30 Under 30 campaign and recognition at the February launch event during International Development Week 2020. We are here to provide the opportunity for these young people to develop themselves as leaders in Alberta, Canada, and the world.

Nominate a Youth

Top 30 Under 30 celebrations with the youth take place during the first week of February, capturing the momentum and excitement surrounding International Development Week.

While eligibility criteria remain the same, the questions posed to nominators change each year to align with the theme of Canada’s International Development Week. This year (2020) will mark 30 years of International Development Week, so you could say it’s an important year!

The selection committee selects the candidates based on overarching guiding questions, which includes as a basis:

  • Is the nominee a global citizen?
  • Is the nominee a leader or role model for others in their communit(ies)?
  • Is the nominee taking action on social justice issues?
  • Is the nominee making a contribution towards achieving the SDGs?
  • Using an intersectional lens, does the nominee reflect the rich diversity that is within our communit(ies)?