Youth Gazette

The Alberta Council for Global Cooperation is rolling out a new youth publication project, Youth Gazette. This publication will feature stories, art and videos made by and for youth in Alberta and beyond.

Tell me more…

The art of storytelling is a tradition as old as…well, the human race itself. Throughout time, stories have been told through different mediums. These mediums are shaped by the diverse cultures that we all come from, from gathering around a fire at night to listening to folklore, through music to the advent of blogs.

We would like to see you sharing your stories/ enjoying them in their different forms (can’t guarantee we’ll gather around a fire though).

What should I submit?

As an artist, what medium do you use to communicate your message? Do you use art, poetry, short stories, commentary pieces, blogs, pictures, videos, pictures, music? That is what we are looking for. As I said, this will be a platform for youth expression – to share stories as your authentic self. Have an idea? Let me know!

So what will these stories be about, you ask? 

The stories can be a commentary on any social issue, technology, sports. Anything that makes you tick! It can cover a range of issues including but not limited to politics, science, gender, sexuality, religion, food, trends, travel, climate change, volunteering, animation, DIY projects and intersectionality of these different themes. It can also be a platform to counter disheartening headlines about today’s young people with voices that prove that young people are making a difference each and every day. It can also be satirical pieces or pieces highlighting the best in your community.

What would you like to read?

What kinds of stories would you like to see? Is there something that intrigues you and would like to know more about it? Give us a chance to take a jab at it and share with everyone. Fill out the form below to let us know. As my teacher used to say, “If you have a question, there are other people with the same question and would like an answer”.

When to submit

Submissions are being accepted NOW. Deadline to submit is October 20th

ACGC Staff is pleased to help youth authors with the tools, space and other resources needed. For more information and to submit your pieces, contact the Youth Program Officer at