Members List

Bow Valley College International Education

BVC’s international initiatives extend the reach and influence of the College, bringing innovative education opportunities to communities around the world. Through partnership agreements with other post-secondary institutions, to training and developing projects around the world, BVC remains committed to international development.

Bridges of Hope International Network of Development Agencies

Bridges of Hope exists to promote poverty relief and community empowerment amongst the poorest nations on earth. This work is done through enhancing the capabilities and productivity of indigenous organizations, leadership and through people who are committed to poverty relief and community empowerment.

University of Alberta International - Global Education Program

Driven by its vision to connect with the world, UAI works to support the creation of an internationally vibrant learning and research environment. UAI’s broad suite of services assists students, staff and community in virtually every aspect of international engagement at the U of A. 

Calgary Board of Education Global Learning Services

CBE's Global Learning Services is to attract international students to study in public schools with the Calgary Board of Education, to ensure international students are well supported while studying in Calgary, support international students in getting involved in extracurricular activities and clubs, to provide support to the parents of international students so that they will feel confident in the care, guidance and educational opportunities provided to their children.

Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology (CCE)

At the hub of the CCE, is a world music archive (both digital and physical) serving as a research and teaching resource for musical and cultural traditions, locally and internationally. Revolving around this hub is a range of research, teaching, performance, and community outreach projects. CCE connects to a broad spectrum of academic disciplines through the initiative entitled Songs for Sustainable Peace and Development, which has resulted in ongoing global health projects in Liberia, Ghana, and Ethiopia. CCE projects may result in printed texts (books and articles), exhibitions, conferences, symposia, concerts and workshops, or in a variety of media, including audio, video, websites, and virtual reality models.

Canadian Humanitarian Organization for International Relief

The mission of Canadian Humanitarian is to provide the basic necessities of life such as nutrition, shelter, health care, and education to disadvantaged children everywhere. They work toward this goal through community development and orphan rescue.

Canadian Peacemakers International

The vision of Canadian Peacemakers International is to develop and demonstrate a model of peacemaking and peacebuilding that can be emulated by others to address the structural causes of conflict in Central America (CA). The ultimate goal is to reduce the likelihood of more war in CA.

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan is a member-based, not-for-profit organization founded in 1996 with thirteen volunteer chapters across Canada. CW4WAfghan is a non-religious, non-political, federally registered charity in Canada. The goals are to advance education and educational opportunities for Afghan women and their families; and to educate Canadians about human rights in Afghanistan. Donor-funded projects are implemented and managed in partnership with Afghan civil society organizations, and fall within our four field program areas: (1) Community Libraries & Book Development Program; (2) Investments in Public Education; (3) Literacy & Community Development; and (4) Livelihoods Education and Economic Opportunity.

CAUSE Canada

CAUSE Canada is an international relief and development agency working in West Africa and Central America. Our development priorities include: Primary Health Care (PHC) Water and Sanitation Education Reforestation Gender-Specific Development Initiatives (Women’s Projects) Micro-enterprise Projects.


Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)

CAWST, the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology, is a non-profit organisation that provides training and consulting to organizations that work directly with populations in developing countries who lack access to clean water and basic sanitation. CAWST "walks beside" hundreds of organizations, government agencies, community groups, and local and international NGOs of all sizes in 63 countries as they develop their capacities to deliver water and sanitation programs locally.


Change For Children Association

Human Dignity, Healthy Communities, Global Justice

In cooperation with the indigenous people of developing countries,  Change for Children aims to identify the root causes of poverty and, in the spirit of solidarity,  assist in finding long-term solutions

Change for Children fulfills this purpose by:

  • Supporting projects which lead to self-sufficiency and a more just distribution of the world’s resources;
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of each donated dollar by applying to government agencies for matching grants and by ensuring appropriate administration of funds;
  • Educating Canadians about the developing world to bring about an awareness of our global interdependence and solicit support for greater justice and equity.

Development and Peace, Caritas Canada

The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace is the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and the Canadian member of Caritas International. It is a membership-based organization founded in 1967 by Canada’s bishops, laity and clergy to fight poverty in the countries of the South, and to promote greater international justice. 

Edmonton Public School Board

The vision of the Edmonton Public School Board is to transform the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow and to inspire student success through high quality learning opportunities, supported by meaningfully engaged students, parents, staff and community.


Engineers Without Borders Canada - Calgary City Chapter

Engineers Without Borders creates opportunities for rural Africans to access clean water, generate an income from small farms, and have improved access to the services and infrastructure they need to improve their lives. They harness the problem-solving approach and creative pragmatism of the Canadian engineering sector to address the root causes of poverty in rural Africa.


Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning

The Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning emerged out of Indigenous peoples’ community healing and development efforts in North America in the early 1980s. Since then, the Four Worlds Centre has worked extensively in rural and urban settings in every corner of North America, as well as in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the former Soviet Union and Latin America. It is well known for its culturally based approach to development work, for its participatory and trans-disciplinary approach, and for its down-to-earth articulation of principles and models to guide human and community transformation.

John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

The John Humphrey Centre is dedicated to programming that fosters a sense of dignity, responsibility and justice. We have undertaken projects in partnership with organizations throughout Edmonton and Alberta that have worked to build communities where everyone belongs and lives in dignity.

Junior Global Citizen Club

Junior Global Citizen Club produced award-winning children’s books and media that inspire awareness, creativity, and action for junior global citizens, ages 5 to 12.

Keiskamma Canada Foundation

Keiskamma is a non-profit that is dedicated to supporting the work of the Keiskamma Trust in South Africa by raising awareness and funds for their health and art projects. They have a long-term commitment to building relationships in efforts to restore lives devastated by the AIDS pandemic.

Light Up the World Foundation (LUTW)

Light Up The World provides energy access and training to the world’s most remote communities who lack access to these essential tools for opportunity and development. LUTW has facilitated the installation of solar energy systems in homes, schools and health centers in 54 countries in partnership with over 220 organizations.


Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace

The Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, traces its origins to 1988 when observances of the anniversary of Gandhi’s birth were so well received by the people of Edmonton that the initiators launched plans to enlarge the annual observances, to memorialize Gandhi and to share his teachings through a national foundation. The Foundation has grown over its 25 years and currently supports a summer program of graduate levels courses for teachers at the University of Alberta; hosts an annual conference for youth on topics related to peace and social justice; and supports an annual event marking the International Day of Peace and Non-Violence each year on September 21st. 

Mennonite Central Committee Alberta

The Mennonite Central Committee Alberta is an NGO that works with national and international programs for relief, development, peace and education.

Micah Centre at The King's University

The Micah Center at The King’s University advances student awareness of justice issues and creates opportunities for experiential learning opportunities around the world through internships.


Nafasi Opportunity Society

Nafasi-Opportunity Society is a Canadian organization focussed on delivering trade and business skills that will empower young women in Africa.

One Child’s Village

One Child’s Village is a non-governmental, non-religious, not-for-profit Society of volunteers who are united in values and who seek to enhance the quality of life for all members of the global community, especially those who are poor, suffering or are otherwise disadvantaged. The emphasis in their work is placed on supporting orphans affected by or infected by HIV/AIDS.

One! International Poverty Relief (One! International)

One! International is a volunteer organization working toward the betterment of life for children and families in Mumbai, India. The main goal of One! is the future. And of course the key to the future is the children and the youth. Basic education for children is a must. However, in order to accomplish this, education must also be extended to the older population by conveying educations necessity, and also to try and break the parent’s dependence on their children for the food and money they earn by begging or working under-aged. In order to conquer education, other problems must be faced simultaneously. Basic needs, such as nutrition, housing and medical attention as well as the problems faced by women: maltreatment by men and continual pregnancy.

Operation Eyesight

Operation Eyesight is dedicated to eliminating avoidable blindness for those most in need. Since 1963, we have brought sight-saving treatment to millions of people, while preventing blindness for millions of others. Today our work is focused in South Asia (India and Nepal) and sub-Saharan Africa (Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia and Zambia). The right to sight is a fundamental human right. Vision impairment is both a cause and consequence of poverty. Preventing avoidable blindness and vision impairment has a crucial role to play in the reduction of poverty and in the overall effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Operation Eyesight addresses the root causes of avoidable blindness and advocates for the integration of eye care into primary health care systems. Our model of Hospital-Based Community Eye Health empowers communities to take ownership over their health care needs, strengthens the capacity of local partners, We work in partnership with local governments, medical professionals and community development teams, building essential resources to provide access to quality, comprehensive health and eye health services for all. With attainment of the right to sight, our beneficiaries have increased access to education and better health outcomes, and can contribute more to their communities economically, socially and culturally.

Rainbow for the Future

Rainbow for the Future is a Canadian development agency dedicated to the organization and integration of sustainable relief efforts throughout Africa. Some of their current projects include literacy programs for girls in Ethiopia and irrigation projects.

Rainbow of Hope for Children

Rainbow of Hope for Children is an Alberta-based NGO working for human development in Brazil, Central America, the Philippines, and Africa. ROHFC works with their international partners in the areas of education, political awareness, health and wellness, life skills, women’s capacity building, land reform, agriculture, and marketing techniques. At home, they provide education services to schools, communities and church groups through experienced speakers and their publication, NEXUS.

Samaritan's Purse - Canada

Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970 Samaritan’s Purse has helped meet the needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

SCERDO Somali-Canadian Education and Rural Development Organization

SCERDO is committed to promote crucial education and development needs for Somalis at home and around the world. SCERDO is currently working to promote education for peace and sustainable development in primary schools in some parts of Northern Somalia. They have also launched a campaign to promote the importance of education and rural development for Somalia’s future development.

Sinkunia Community Development Organization

Sinkunia supports the successful settlement and integration of African immigrant families in the community through cultural, mentoring and counselling programs. The organization also supports community development initiatives (educational, health, agriculture and clean water supply) for groups and individuals within our target zones (West Africa).

Sombrilla International Development Society

Sombrilla is an Edmonton based NGO supporting development projects in South and Central America. Sombrilla works in partnership and solidarity with their partners in the South. They presently have projects in Peru and Guatemala with a focus on clean water, education and food security. Sombrilla is also partnering with local youth such as Scouts and high school students to create further awareness of global issues and to raise funds for projects.

Trebi Kuma Ollennu Foundation for Community Development (TKOFCD)

The Trebi Kuma Ollenu Foundation for Community Development is a non-profit organisation based in Alberta. The purpose of TKOFCD is to foster healthy relationship among the various cultures that call Greater Edmonton home.

United Nations Association in Canada - Edmonton Branch

The Edmonton Branch of UNAC is part of a nation-wide group of voluntary, non-partisan United Nations organizations concerned with global affairs. It is comprised of interested Canadians in the greater-Edmonton area who seek solutions to world problems through the effective use of the UN, its specialized agencies, and other multilateral institutions. This branch is committed to promoting awareness of critical issues such as the environment, human rights, disarmament, and development.

University of Calgary International

Driven to become a global intellectual hub, University of Calgary International helps students, faculty and staff to engage internationally. We work with universities, governments and organizations worldwide to develop international relations, partnerships and development projects that support our international strategy. We help students internationalize their academic experience through study abroad opportunities.

Oxfam Canada

Oxfam Canada’s mission is to build lasting solutions to poverty and injustice with a focus on improving the lives and promoting the rights of women and girls.


International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) Alberta Chapter

ISSP Alberta Chapter's mission is to empower professionals to advance sustainability in organizations and communities in Alberta through professional development, networking and recognition.

Canadian Global Care Society

The Canadian Global Care Society believes in access to health care universally. They promote health education and support health related initiatives within their own community and overseas.

HEAL International

HEAL (Health, Education and Leadership) International is a non-denominational organization based in Edmonton, Alberta, that responds to local priorities in Uganda by building on local strengths

Alberta Teachers' Association

Norquest International

NorQuest College is a board-governed public college operating as a comprehensive community institution under the authority of the Post-secondary Learning Act of Alberta. With campuses and learning sites across the Edmonton region, NorQuest enhances access to educational opportunities through its role as regional steward. NorQuest provides high-quality learning opportunities that prepare graduates for careers and further studies in business, industry, health sciences, human services, early learning and education, and information, communication and design technologies. A leader in enhancing access to post-secondary education, the College is widely recognized for its foundational learning opportunities in academic upgrading, adult literacy, employment readiness and English as a second language education. Credentials granted by the College include certificates, diplomas, and applied degrees.

PlanNET Development Planning & Evaluation

PlanNET is an international network of evaluation, training, and performance management consultants based in Canada. We support organizations and initiatives striving to improve livelihoods, protect the environment, and secure peaceful relationships. PlanNET is viewed internationally as a reliable, competent, and experienced source of development evaluation expertise.