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Classroom Workshops

ACGC has developed youth workshops, made available free for download.  Click to browse the various workshops.  Please contact projects@acgc.ca to if you are interested in ACGC conducting one of these workshops in your classroom, conference, or club meeting.  View and download the workshops.


Classroom Resources

Development in a Box

In keeping with Alberta Education’s focus on Global Citizenship, ACGC is pleased to share Development in a Box. Designed to be an educational kit to be used by educators, Development in a Box aids in the incorporation of global issues into the curriculum and classroom. The digital downloads include lesson plans, hands-on activities and supplies, as well as connections to local organizations who are working internationally. Lessons address many global issues and are linked to curriculum objectives in the Alberta Program of Studies. Originally created in 2010 and sent physically to schools, the kit was re-published in 2011 and is now made a

vailable as a digital download.

Click to explore the resources for:

Development in a Box Grades 1-6

Development in a Box Grades 7-12

Global and Cultural Citizenship Across the Curriculum

Develop the competency of Global and Cultural Citizenship in your students across various subject areas.  ACGC has developed these lessons to accompany stories found in Together: Alberta’s Notebook for the Global Goals.  These lessons are curriculum aligned, and lesson handouts and power point presentations are provided to make it easy to use in your classroom.


Restoring Sight, Transforming Lives: Grade 3 English Language Arts Lesson Plan

Download the Lesson Plan and Handouts

Download the classroom Power Point

In this lesson, students will explore how dialogue can be used to tell a story, and apply the technique when writing their own original text. Through using a story about healthcare in a fictional Kenyan setting, students will also gain an understanding of life in developing countries, and the work that Alberta organizations do to assist those in need.  The lesson is based on the story, ‘Restoring Sight, Transforming Lives’, by Operation Eyesight, illustrated by Alex Kwizera.



Design for Health: Class Challenge.  Grades 5-9 Career and Technology Foundations

Download the Lesson Plan and Handouts

Download the classroom Power Point

In this challenge, students will design a product to help a non-profit organization communicate key health messages to children living in a rural, low-income setting in a developing country. Taking inspiration from Dr. Michiko Maruyama, students will explore the occupational clusters of Communications and Human Services while completing this CTF Challenge



Tapestries for Hope: High School Art 20 Lesson 

Download the Lesson Plan and Handouts

Download the classroom Power Point

In this art encounter, students will explore the impact of art on community well-being. By analysing and comparing Mattias Grünewald’s Isenheim Altarpiece, and the Keiskamma Altarpiece, students will gain an understanding of how art can uplift and empower communities in need.



Sustainable Development Goals

Check our our Sustainable Development Goals page for links to classroom resources and information!  Additionally, you can download ACGC’s  SDG workshop ‘Where will be be in 2030” to use in your class or youth club.

Be sure to also check out TOGETHER: Alberta’s Notebook on the Global Goals, a storytelling initiative highlighting work Albertans are doing to achieve the global goals!

Other Resource Lists

Member Resources:  Students at the University of Alberta, through the Community Service Learning program, completed a list of educator resources available from ACGC member organizations in January 2017!  Download the current copy of the list of ACGC member resources!

Book List:  Download this list of picture books to help educate for Global Citizenship!

Class Novel Sets: ACGC has class sets of the novels ‘I am a Taxi’ and Parvana’s Journey’ by Deborah Ellis to lend to Alberta classrooms. After students have read the novels, ACGC will put you in contact with Alberta organizations that can speak to the issues featured in the novels. Contact projects@acgc.ca to get a set for one school term.


Professional Development: Global Citizenship Education: 

ACGC frequently offers professional development opportunities in global citizenship education.  Sign up for ACGC Teach and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive updates.  Learn more about these opportunities.


Global Citizenship in the Alberta Curriculum

With significant input from our member organizations, ACGC was pleased to present on the importance of Global Citizenship Education to the Alberta Government’s Expert Working Groups tasked with updating Alberta’s Provincial Curriculum, in January 2017.  View a copy of the presentation.

We continue to engage our members in the process and will work to support teachers as the province begins implementation in the upcoming years.


Resource Development

The Global Partnership for Education has published Optimizing Education Outcomes: High-Return Investments in School Health for Increased Participation and Learning