Development and Peace: Icebreakers – Activities (1)
This activity includes a list of interactive games to get students moving and feeling comfortable.

Development and Peace: The Cities Game – Activities (2)
This interactive game explores what people may experience during re-building after a war.

Development and Peace: The Land Game – Activities (3)
This resource includes an energizer/activity with a theme of “landlessness” and lives of refugees.

Development and Peace: A Tap Water vs. Bottle Water Taste Test – Activities (4)
This activity includes a Coke versus Pepsi type disply with the aim to show that there is no real difference between tap water and some bottled water.

Development and Peace: Step one: Warming up to the world and each other – Activities (5)
This resource includes activities that will engage students in themes surrounding social justice.

John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights: Rights in the Sun: A Practical Guide for Human Rights Education – Activities (6)
This resource provides numerous interactive activities and games that may be used as icebreakers, conclusions or complements to different lessons. The focus is on human rights and global citizenship.

Mennonite Central Committee: ’Peace is a Choice…At Each Small Turn Choose Peace’ – Activities (7)
This resource will introduce students to the tools that can be used to impact in positive ways the big and small conflict issues in their own worlds, and in the larger world.