Environmental Sustainability

Light Up the World: The Power to Illuminate Lives – Environmental Sustainability (1)
This lesson includes a
PowerPoint Presentation and activity focused on solar powered light systems.

Samaritan’s Purse: Turn on the Tap – Environmental Sustainability (2)
This unit includes 5 lessons detailing information on water treatment, including case studies for students to consider.

CHF: Deforestation – What do Trees Mean to Me? – Environmental Sustainability (3)
This resource includes lesson plans and BLMs for a role play activity focused on students gaining an understanding of the causes for deforestation and how humans impact their natural environment.

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST): Sanitation Ladder – Environmental Sustainability (4)
This resource includes a set of lesson plans & activities for learning about fecal-oral transmission routes and water hygiene and sanitation practices.

United Nations Association of Canada (UNAC)Youth of Today, City of Tomorrow part one – Environmental Sustainability (5) Youth of Today, City of Tomorrow part two
This resource includes 7 lesson plans, 5 mini-units and a DVD focused on human settlement issues of urbanization and sustainable cities.

Engineers Without Borders: Canada Learning about ENGINEERING: Modules for Teachers resource – Environmental Sustainability (6)
This resource includes information for students to gain a basic, general understanding of what engineering encompasses and how it can be used within the international development field. Please visit this link for the electronic presentation portion of this lesson.