Human Rights

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan: Understanding Human Rights in Afghanistan – Human Rights (1)
This resource includes an introductory information guide, 2 initial lessons, 3 activities, 3 mini units and 2 additional lesson plans.  Also, be sure to download
the game cards, presentation, and human rights charts.

John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights: Building Human Rights Communities – Human Rights (2)
This resource is part of a 3 section unite plan with detailed lessons to teach the background information of human rights (UDHR), how to address human rights issues and how to become a human rights school.

CHF: The Gender Divide – Different Perspectives – Human Rights (3)
Through this lesson plan students will create a community map based on their gender’s perspective, then decide on a development project for their community.

UNICEF: Children’s Rights and Global Citizenship – Human Rights (4)
Through 7 lesson plans this resource addresses the human rights issues that exist within war affected children, sexual exploitation, child labour and education.

UNICEF: Teaching Children’s Rights Through Arts– Human Rights (5)
This resource includes 35 art lessons and activities that explore children’s rights, particularly through the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Mediums range from drawing and photography to sculpting and mixed media collage.