CAUSE: From Hearts to Hands: Let’s Do Something – Poverty (1)
This resource includes 9 lesson plans focused on students developing an action plan for a project to address poverty and the Millennium Development Goals.

CHF: Sustainable Livelihoods: Poverty & Quality of Life – Poverty (2)
This card game focused on exploring sustainable livelihoods and the Human Development Index.

CHF: A Deeper Look at Poverty – Poverty (3)
This lesson plan features case studies that focus on students developing a broad understanding of factors that contribute to poverty in many countries.

CHF: The Real Survivor – Poverty (4)
This lesson plan includes information for a card game and a worksheet focused on food security and protection.

UNICEF: An Introduction to Malaria – Poverty (5)
This resource is an introductory package of three lesson plans and case studies to promote beginner knowledge about the socio-economic impacts of malaria as a global health concern.

World Vision: Alive at Five: The Silent Global Crisis of Child Deaths – Poverty (6)
This resource package explores the topic of global child health and survival while developing media, technological, oral, written, visual, kinaesthetic and numerical literacy skills.

Altamas for Peace and Development Association: Our Story: Living in a Refugee Camp – Poverty (7)
This resource uses reflection questions, background information and a magazine to explore issues surrounding refugee camps.