Workshops for Junior and Senior High Students

Problem and Solution Trees:  Creating Change in your School or Community New in 2022!

Featuring case studies on two changemakers, this resource models how to use ‘problem and solution trees’, a type of mind-map commonly used by international development organizations, to think through the root causes of a community issue, take appropriate action, and evaluate the impact. This activity is supports the development of core competencies as outlined in Alberta Education’s Guiding Framework. Contact to arrange facilitation of this workshop in your class or community group!

Want to attempt the activity yourself?  Download the materials below! 

Problem and Solution Tree Lesson Guide

Problem and Solution Tree: Classroom Presentation





Beyond a Single Story.   New in 2021! 

Try this activity designed for Grade 7-12 classes in which students will explore the ways that intersecting identities can affect a person’s reality and quality of life. By considering the diverse viewpoints within a community, students will gain an understanding of the complexities of analyzing a community’s challenges and strengths. Each Community Case Study provided in this activity was created in partnership and solidarity with an international cooperation organization and its international partners.

Full Workshop Outline and Case Studies

Alternatively, once you have read through the Workshop Outline, choose one of the individual Case Studies below.

Afghanistan Case Study | Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
India Case Study | CAWST 
Kenya Case Study | Operation Eyesight Universal
Nicaragua Case Study | Change for Children Association
South Africa Case Study | Keiskamma Canada Foundation



Workshops for Elementary Age Students

Grade 3: Now for 2030 Time Capsule

From February-June 2021, participating classes across Alberta wrote letters to the Grade 3 class of 2030 in their school, sharing their hopes and aspirations for the future. Then, they sent their letters to ACGC to be stored in our time capsule. On 25 September 2030, ACGC will open and share the letter, and will send it back to your school for the class of 2030 to read!  

ACGC closed the time capsule in June, 2021, but you can still complete the activity with your class. Download the classroom lesson and try it out!

Now For 2030 Lesson Plan

Where will we be in 2030? Exploring the Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, world leaders gathered in New York City for the formal adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), replacing the expired Millennium Development Goals.  These goals are truly ambitious.  With 17 goals and 169 targets, the SDGs represent and unprecedented commitment by countries to end poverty, combat climate change, and fight injustice and inequality.  In this workshop, participants will learn about these goals and discover their role in tackling the issues locally and globally, by 2030!.

Download the workshop

Download a Power Point of this workshop adapted for elementary school.  Lesson instructions are included in the Power Point comments.

Additional resources: Check out our SDG resources page!