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NextGen Database

Find a global sustainable development researcher in Canada

This is a unique searchable database of researchers from Canadian universities, colleges, research institutes, and civil society organizations – all working on issues related to sustainable development. The NextGen Database maps areas of research to the SDGs and identifies how researchers in Canada contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Find researchers or practitioner-researchers to collaborate with!

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Canada’s Policy for Civil Society Partnerships for International Assistance

A feminist approach

Canada has adopted a Feminist International Assistance Policy to reduce extreme poverty and build a more peaceful, inclusive and prosperous world. The policy recognizes that promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls is the most effective approach to achieve this. To be effective, international assistance must respond to local needs and priorities. CSOs possess valuable experience and expertise and have a strong understanding of local challenges and opportunities. New partnerships between Canadian, international and local CSOs will foster new ideas and solutions and ensure that Canada’s international assistance is more effective and yields lasting results. The Government of Canada’s Policy for Civil Society Partnerships for International Assistance recognizes our civil society partners as essential actors and sets out our approach for achieving strong cooperation to end poverty in all forms everywhere.

5 guiding principles

  • Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy
  • The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Canada’s Official Development Assistance Accountability Act
  • Human rights and inclusivity
  • Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness

9 objectives

  1. Reduce poverty by empowering women and girls and promoting gender equality
  2. Facilitate a safe and enabling environment for civil society
  3. Protect human life and dignity
  4. Foster CSOs leadership in innovation
  5. Integrate CSOs as independent CSOs into international assistance programming
  6. Establish more predictable, equitable, flexible and transparent funding mechanisms
  7. Foster multi-stakeholder approaches to international assistance
  8. Engage Canadians in international assistance
  9. Promote sustainability, transparency, accountability and results

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Writing Project Proposals that Win!

Huge effort is required to write a winning funding proposal for a development project; the competition is usually stiff. After the hard work put in, it is demoralizing to come up short.

This page will help you:

• Find a donor and the right funding mechanism

• Decide on the best bid opportunities

• Make the strongest case possible

Three presenters share valuable tips – About the Panelists:

Navigating the UN and IFI market place for funding and jobs? Meet Hussein Amery, Universalia

Hussein’s slide presentation with links to resources

Accessing funds from Global Affairs Canada? Meet Vaughn Lantz, Global Affairs Canada

Vaughn’s slide presentation with links to resources

Looking for the basics in proposal writing? Meet Denise Buchner, Independent Consultant

Denise’s slide presentation with links to resources

Online Course to Learn About the SDGs

ACGC has compiled a document with a long list of publicly available online courses related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Most of the courses are free, with an option for a paid certificate. ACGC is providing the resource for informational purposes only and does not endorse the content or quality of the listed courses. Visit each course page to learn about course delivery and expectations. Download the list of SDG courses here.

CanWaCh Releases Beyond 2020 Conference Outcomes Report

Outcomes from CanWaCh’s Beyond 2020 conference are published! National and international leaders came together to address Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy, the UN SDGs, Women Deliver 2019 and more. Read about the future of Canadian leadership in women and children’s health.

Global Affairs Canada Released New International Assistance Results Reporting Guide For Partners

Global Affairs Canada has released their new International Assistance Results Reporting Guide for PartnersThe new Guide will help Global Affairs Canada partners report on funded projects with clear, and evidence-based reports on results, which meet the standards for results reporting of the Government of Canada.

Global Affairs Canada: An Approach to Development Innovation

Global Affairs Canada has released an overview of it’s approach to Development Innovation, including the different elements and steps and their relationship to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy. Down it here.

Statistics Canada’s SDG Data Hub

Statistics Canada has released the new Sustainable Development Goals Data Hub, the result of a partnership among several federal government departments to support the UN’s 2030 Agenda. Check it out.

Generation SDG Summit Communiqué

Following the Generation SDG Summit, the Generation SDG Communiqué captures preliminary thoughts emerging from the Summit and includes policy recommendations, community-level mapping & planning strategies and more insights on how Canada can reach the SDGs.
Download the communiqué.

NextGen Database

NextGen is a searchable database of researchers from Canadian universities, colleges, research institutes, think-tanks and civil society organizations – all working on issues related to international development and humanitarian assistance. Find researchers or practitioner-researchers to collaborate with!

Hive Mind: Revised, Updated, and Accessible!

Find out how you can improve partnerships and collaboration. Engaging in ICN online courses will help you identify key principles guiding successful public engagement (PE) practices, and learn how to apply them. You will also learn how to evaluate different types of initiatives to contribute to organizational goals. Get access to tools and resources you can use to advance your organizational capacity by Registering for the Course

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Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)  &  Women’s Work Institute: AFP Diversity and Inclusion Report

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Calgary & Area Chapter teamed up with Women’s Work Institute to create a #solveathon: the first step of an innovative approach to tackle IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) related issues by surveying members of the nonprofit sector and co-creating solutions instead of the traditional approach for members to passively receive the information by way of reading or being lectured.  Hence, the #solveathon Insights Report before you today is informed by nonprofit fundraisers with their active participation.   Many of today’s disruptions and changes were rooted in the nonprofit fundraising eco-system and practices being designed around white male philanthropists.  As power and wealth shift, diversity is not just about having someone from diverse culture to sit in a committee, board, conference panel, or program. Diversity is about fundamentally changing our practices and creating an adaptive system and process.   In other words, we all need to be part of it.  To help create change you can:


Solar Technology Workshops

Light Up the World offers training courses and educational workshops in Alberta and Peru on solar technology. Contact LUTW at for information about upcoming workshop dates or if you would like our team to facilitate training or educational workshops for your organization, company, community or school.

Global Citizenship Education: Professional Development

If you are looking for professional development opportunities on global citizenship education, please visit Teacher Resources.