Adapting to New Realities 2022

The ACGC annual gathering is a platform for the international cooperation sector in Alberta to engage, network and reflect on our active role as global citizens to achieve gender equality and the SDGs. Under the theme, “Adapting to New Realities.” participants will gather together in person to reflect on the urgent need to reshape our sector, and adopt best practices to ensure greater equity and inclusion.

Participants will have the opportunity to;

  • Create collaborative and sustainable links to achieve gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Reflect and deepen understanding on decolonization and reconciliation.
  • Understand obligations of our sector and organizations to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA).
  • Hear from Alberta youth on the ways they want to learn about and engage on global issues.
  • Reconnect with peers and provide insight to our collective work as the international cooperation sector in Alberta.

Event Details

Location:  Calgary
Venue:  TBD
Time:  9:30am – 3:30pm

During the day long in person annual gathering participants will be encouraged to engage in reflective and deep conversations , whilst learning from each other and having an opportunity for topic focused Q & A sessions with sector experts.

Friday 4 March, 2022

Conference opening statements and land acknowledgements.

This session will be presented by VIDEA on the following guided areas;

  • What does reconciliation look like?
  • What does decolonization look like?
  • What is the truth and reconciliation calls to action?
  • What is the United Nations Declaration of the rights of Indigenous people?
  • What is your organization’s action plan?

This session will be presented by DIGNA on the following;

  • Overview of PSEA and defining key terms
  • Highlights of the PSEA Assessment tool 
  • Sharing good practices to PSEA

During lunch (provided on site), participants will hear a presentation by Alberta youth, providing in-depth insight on how Alberta youth want to learn and engage in global issues.

ACGC will comply with all provincial guidelines in force at the time of the event.  

All participants are required to provide proof of full vaccination. Please bring your proof of vaccination and ID to the venue.

Current restrictions:  Participants will seat at tables with not more than 10 people at each table. No mingling between tables.

Hand sanitizer and masks will be provided to all attendees.