Outstanding Alberta Senior: Joyce Hurl

As part of our month long campaign profiling #ACGCSeniors, we are honoured to feature Joyce Hurl, an excellent example of a volunteer engaged both locally and internationally. With Change for Children, Joyce has travelled to Northern Nicaragua and Northwestern Guatemala to contribute to different projects, and she contributes from home by offering funding support. Joyce has taken part in dental brigades in both Nicaragua and Guatemala and she has delivered colour wheel workshops to Guatemalan women weavers and friendship bracelet workshops to Miskito Indigenous girls in the BOSAWAS biosphere reserve in Nicaragua. From Change for Children’s Edmonton office, she raises funds for school construction, scholarships, education supplies, sports equipment and weaving supplies.

When asked to describe what drives Joyce, Change for Children Executive Director Lorraine Swift said: “Joyce has a real desire to alleviate poverty. She believes in the transformative power of education to lift children and families out of poverty and she is very creative, seizing many opportunities to pitch in.”

Joyce also explained her motivation: “My 96 year old mother has been the greatest influence on my life. No matter how difficult her life was, she always had time to help others. Motivating me to do the same, I have always believed in giving as much of myself to others as I can, and I have found that I always get more back than I receive. I have a special spot in my heart for Change for Children for giving me the chance to help in ways that I had only imagined.”

Joyce is clearly an example to her own children and grandchildren, involving family members in dental brigades. When she mentions how well her grandchildren are doing in school, she is quick to point out how their participation with Change for Children’s projects has helped them to appreciate the value of education.

When asked for advice to share with other seniors, Joyce had this to say: “If you have a chance to get involved, grab it and run with it! Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. If you wish to travel, get fit and stay that way as long as you can. ”

At ACGC we are inspired by Joyce’s outstanding drive and her commitment to promoting a culture of global justice across generations.

Learn more about Change for Children’s projects on their website.