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Introduction of The SPUR Change Program

This webinar took place on August 20th, 2019. You can download the presentation by clicking here.

More Details

For more information on
the SPUR Change Program,
please contact:

Danny Pelletier
National Program Manager

Sara Michel
National Education Programmes

1 SMOs must be legally incorporated in Canada and can be civil society organizations, educational institutions, social enterprises or businesses that meet the following two criteria: a) have a consolidated revenue in financial statements must be equal to or less than $10 million, and b) have an annual overseas expenditures cannot exceed $2 million in overseas development assistance (ODA)

Who is this for?

The following individuals/organizations that are interested in international development:

  • Small and Medium-Sized Civil Society Organizations
  • Educators
  • Youth

In collaboration with the Provincial and Regional Councils, this
program will be accessible across Canada and with service and
resources in both official languages and in Spanish for Southern

What it will do for you

  • Increase understanding and capacity in good, effective,
    and sustainable development practices.
  • Provide knowledge and training on Canada’s Feminist
    International Assistance Policy, the Sustainable Development
    Goals, and particularly in gender equality.
  • Support organizations in project and proposal development
    for accessing Government of Canada funding.
  • Create linkages and opportunities for engagement and
    collaboration among international and national organizations
    working on international development.
  • Share school resources for teaching and inspiring
    engagement on global issues.
  • Provide teachers with opportunities to participate in annual
    conferences, exchange best practices, and engage with
    local civil society organizations working in international
  • Provide youth with the experiences, tools and opportunities
    to serve as local and national leaders on the Sustainable
    Development Goals.

How it will do this

  • Capacity-Building Trainings and Workshops (in-person and online)
  • An Annual Conference of local and international organizations with a stream of teacher-focused workshops
    (Alberta 2019; Quebec 2020; Saskatchewan 2021; Ontario 2022; British Columbia 2023)
  • Annual Regional Tour of leading experts in key areas of sustainable development
  • A National Educational Resource Catalogue for Educators
  • Youth Champions Program


The SPUR Change capacity-building program is part of a 5-year pilot initiative for Small and Medium Organizations for Impact and Innovation announced by the Minister of International Cooperation, in May 2017. The initiative consists of three windows:

  1. The Fund for Development Impact (up to $76 million) funds thematic programming by SMOs through calls for proposals led by Global Affairs Canada. A preliminary call for proposals was launched in November 2017. Twenty one organizations received funding. A second call for concept notes closed in July 2019.
  2. The Fund for Innovation and Transformation (up to $18 million) invests in innovative and effective solutions which have the potential to increase impact. The deadline for the first call for concepts was July 22, 2019. This window is managed by the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation on behalf of the Inter-Council Network of the Provincial and Regional Councils for International Cooperation (ICN).
  3. The Spur Change program, which is managed by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC) on behalf of the ICN.

Program undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.