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Our primary mandate at ACGC is to be a platform for members to network and learn, and to be an advocate for members on issues of concern.

The Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC) is a coalition of civil-society organizations and individuals working toward sustainable human development and global citizenship. We welcome a variety of organizations located in Alberta, including: international development organizations, faith-based organizations, service clubs, educational institutions, public school boards, charitable foundations, advocacy movements, and not-for-profits.  Individuals committed to our mission are also welcome to join.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Becoming a member of ACGC means becoming connected to a wide network of organizations across Alberta and across Canada.

  1. Connect to the ACGC community through our bi-weekly bulletin containing news, events and member updates.
  2. Stay informed through regular webinars, funding opportunity updates and government updates.
  3. Receive representation on policy issues to municipal, provincial and federal governments, including Global Affairs Canada.
  4. Build your capacity with shared member resources and cross-organization networking.
  5. Showcase your organization on ACGC’s website and publications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to become a member?

ACGC has organizational and individual memberships. Organizational representatives must have a representative (board/staff/volunteer) based in Alberta. Individual members must be located in Alberta.

What are the obligations of members?

We ask that all our individual and organizational members are dedicated to the mission and mandate of ACGC and committed to ACGC’s Code of Ethics.

Organizational members are required to participate and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Are there limitations to becoming an individual member?

Yes. The primary limitations faced by individual members is that they are not permitted to hold positions on the Board of Directors and cannot vote within ACGC.

Are for-profit businesses or social enterprises able to join ACGC?

While your business or social enterprise may be committed to the mission and values of ACGC, unfortunately your business is unable to hold organizational membership. Organizational membership is reserved for civil-society organizations as per our bylaws. However, you are encouraged to contribute your voice by joining as an individual member.

Is there a fee associated?

Yes. If you are an organization, membership fees for ACGC depends on your financial capacity. You may choose between a 1-year or 3-year membership commitment: the 3-year membership includes a 15% discount. If you are an individual looking to become a member, you can find 1-year or 3-year membership rates based on ability to pay. View current membership rates.

In honour of ACGC’s 50th year, membership fees are waived for 2023-2024.  Be sure to join us as we celebrate this important year, marking 50 years of working together in Alberta to promote global citizenship and international cooperation.

How do I sign up?

Click one of the two ‘Membership Form’ buttons above to get started. This will direct you to a Google Form that will collect your information and send it to us at ACGC. Once your form is submitted, one of our staff will contact you directly to continue the membership onboarding process and fee payment.

View the current list of ACGC members or take a look at our current membership rates.