Spur Change: SMO Report Launch

June 19, 2023 10:00 am




Join us and other folks from the international cooperation sector in launching Spur Change’s latest community-informed report on Small and Medium Organizations (SMOs): What Constitutes an “Enabling Environment” for Canadian SMOs?

The main themes that arose through this year’s research include: funding; policy and regulatory frameworks; collaboration and innovation; and public engagement. Drawing from SMO survey data as well as 17 semi-structured interviews, the research team describes and analyzes the current environment within which SMOs are operating in Canada while drawing comparison with environments abroad. This report is meant to serve as a learning tool for all Canadian international cooperation actors. In analyzing both the challenges and benefits associated with Canada’s enabling environment, it identifies ways to strengthen and facilitate the crucial international cooperation work carried out by Canadian SMOs.

Read the report here

This 1-hour zoom webinar includes an overview of the research team’s findings as well as insights from a panel of international cooperation actors.

Listen in, come with questions, and consider: what does a supportive and conducive environment where you feel you can effectively engage in your work look like?