Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)Tikho’s Story Three Pile Sorting
Water (1)
This resource offers a descriptive lesson about water sanitation.

Development and PeaceAMANZI
Water (2)
This resource offers an interactive game for students to explore the important role water plays and the issues that arise when access is limited.

Change for Children AssociationWater to Survive: A Look at Water Inequality
Water (3)
This lesson addresses the challenges people face when they do not have enough water to survive.

Development and PeaceWalking for Water
Water (4)
This resource provides an interactive game where students will explore the effects of water privatization.

CHFWater Works!
Water (5)
Through a narrative this lesson explores what life is like for rural families in developing countries who have limited access to clean drinking water.