SahakariniWhere Credit is Due
Economics (1)
This lesson is constructed around a video, which we cannot post because of their copyright restrictions. To obtain a copy of the DVD please contact the ACGC office.

CUSO-VSOWhere Credit is Due
Economics (2)
To obtain a copy of this DVD please contact the ACGC office.

CHFMicrofinance – Giving Credit Where Credit is Due
Economics (3)
This resource includes lesson plan, activity sheets as well as comprehensive questions focused on developing an understanding of the social and environmental impacts of micro-finance and micro-credit projects.

Change for Children AssociationAlphabet Soup in the Americas
Economics (4)
This teacher resource, with a vocabulary guide, reading guide and discussion guide questions, support the reading of an article providing an introduction into the complex issues surrounding the role of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research: Living in a Globalizing World: A Deliberative Dialogue on Globalization
Economics (5)
This teacher resource book includes background information on the structure and process of a deliberative dialogue, as well as three distinct approaches to globalization that may be used to hold a deliberative dialogue.

World VisionA Hungry World: Understanding the Global Food Crisis
Economics (6)
This resource provides background information, statistics, case studies, classroom activities, and action ideas for teaching about global food insecurity.

World VisionFood Crisis Simulation
Economics (7)
This interactive activity sets a stage for students to begin to understand the global food crisis. A simulation activity and follow-up questions are included.

Maharashtra Seva Samiti Organizations: Dawn of Hope
Economics (8)
This lesson features a woman by the name of Nileema Mishra who built hope in her birth town by creating the opportunity for women to use micro-financing. To obtain a copy of the accompanying DVD please contact the ACGC office.