BCCIC – Program Officer: Lead on Project Cycle

Location: British Columbia

Position type:

Position Length:

Salary: $77,000-$80,000

Reports to:

Anticipated travel:

Application deadline: August 13, 2023


The British Columbia Council for International Development (BCCIC) is looking for an energetic person to join our team as the new Program Officer: Lead on Project Cycle!

The successful candidate will lead BCCIC’s efforts to establish a strong monitoring framework and bring together an evaluation process that is reflective of the organization’s values and goals. The position will also focus on all aspects of project cycles: from project conception, design, project management and, finally, the monitoring and evaluation. At the core of this position is accountability to communities and groups during the monitoring and evaluation process. If you know how to find and develop indicators that are people’s own indicators of change towards their goals or aspirations, not just the ones that a donor or funder requires, we would love for you to apply.

In this role, your aim will be to redistribute the power within monitoring and evaluation, so that it – along with all other phases of any given program – is created, owned, and led by those the program intends to serve. Knowledge management and contribution to institutional learning processes will be integral to your position. You will have the opportunity to convene communities of practice and liaise with other MEL-passionate persons across the country, tracking and sharing practices in monitoring and evaluation.

  • Do you have a strong experience in applying feminist, justice, and equity lenses?
  • Are you interested in decolonizing data collection and reimagining how we measure impact (qualitative and quantitative indicators)?
  • Do you have first-hand experience with project design, together with implementation of activities?
  • Do you have a strong understanding of international solidarity and cooperation, or an understanding of social and economic issues in Canada with an intersectional lens?
  • Do you strive to move forward, make mistakes, learn from them, share with others, and start all over again?
  • Do you have experience with challenging the status quo?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to hear from you!