Environmental Sustainability

Light Up the WorldThe Power to Illuminate Lives
Environmental Sustainability (1)
This lesson includes a PowerPoint Presentation and activity focused on solar powered light systems.

Samaritan’s PurseTurn on the Tap
Environmental Sustainability (2)
This unit includes 5 lessons detailing information on water treatment, including case studies for students to consider.

CHFDeforestation – What do Trees Mean to Me?
Environmental Sustainability (3)
This resource includes lesson plans and BLMs for a role play activity focused on students gaining an understanding of the causes for deforestation and how humans impact their natural environment.

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)Sanitation Ladder
Environmental Sustainability (4)
This resource includes a set of lesson plans & activities for learning about fecal-oral transmission routes and water hygiene and sanitation practices.

United Nations Association of Canada (UNAC)Youth of Today, City of Tomorrow part one
Environmental Sustainability (5)
Youth of Today, City of Tomorrow part two
This resource includes 7 lesson plans, 5 mini-units and a DVD focused on human settlement issues of urbanization and sustainable cities.

Engineers Without BordersCanada Learning about ENGINEERING: Modules for Teachers resource
Environmental Sustainability (6)
This resource includes information for students to gain a basic, general understanding of what engineering encompasses and how it can be used within the international development field. Please visit this link for the electronic presentation portion of this lesson.